Has your business reached the point at which an inefficient PIM process is becoming a blocker to your success? As businesses scale and diversify, tapping into new or expanding channels and creating partnerships with an ever-increasing number of vendors, product information management can rapidly become an expensive and time-consuming problem.

Before taking the plunge and committing to a dependable platform that will suit the unique needs of your business, careful comparison is required. In this top-level comparison, we’ll take a look at the way Syndigo and Effectus Content Platform measure up, and the various benefits they bring to a wide range of different businesses.

It would be misleading to suggest that anyone PIM solution provides a perfect “universal” fit – but we hope that by presenting a few key attributes in this side-by-side comparison, you’ll have a great starting point to frame your consideration.

Syndigo Effectus Content Platform
Market And Customer Profile Founded in the 1970s and more recently expanding its product range to serve the wider retailer, distributor, and brand ecosystem, today Syndigo is mainly used by larger businesses and has a particular association with those specializing in the foodservice and automotive aftermarket.

Good For: Enterprise-level business, and especially those within more tightly regulated sectors.
ECP serves a wide range of manufacturers, retailers, and distributors of consumer goods, typically assisting those with $50M+ in revenues. However, focusing on developing a PIM solution that offers true opportunity and value to businesses of all sizes has meant that our customer success teams are well versed in supporting a wide range of models and verticals.

Great For: Any business looking to improve their digital showroom customer experience, with a particular specialism serving the consumer electronics sector.
Optimization Syndigo places a high value on broad-spectrum analytics, with the intent of enabling easier competitor comparison and understanding shopper behavior. To help optimize content effectiveness they offer top-level digital shelf analysis, with “add on” reporting available for deeper dives.

Good For: Teams working with a wide range of vendors – helped by their VendorSCOR feature.
ECP offers end-to-end visibility and scoring of digital product content quality. Not only will you receive easily interpreted content quality scores, you’ll also be able to easily take the “next best step” towards improvement thanks to powerful AI-powered suggestions.

Great for: Busy teams looking to optimize content at scale, with maximized efficiency.
Core Functionality Syndigo presents its core offering as an “Active Content Engine.” Priority falls on the real-time flow of data across all channels, and this is backed up by a range of ecosystem-focused functionality.

Good For: Teams with a distinct and defined focus within omnichannel.
ECP tailors its core functionality to meet clients' unique requirements. At the heart of our offering lies a dedicated focus on the customer experience within consumer goods, and this means exemplary brand control and workflow management as default.

Great for: Teams who need a system that “just works” – designed to meet their unique needs.
Support Syndigo offers an online resource base, including white papers and webinars. Email support is also provided via a form hosted on their support pages, and a US-based phone line is available for urgent issues.

Better For: Teams comfortable being proactive about finding solutions.
ECP assigns a dedicated account manager to each client, who checks in with the client regularly and is available to offer 24/7 technical support.

Best for: Teams who would appreciate ongoing success management and a reliable 1-2-1 support relationship.
Syndication As the name suggests, syndication is an area in which Syndigo seeks to stand apart. They’re one of the largest global GDSN synchronization providers and specialize in Global UDI Submission.

Best for: Teams with a strong focus on medical device manufacturers or those heavily dependent on the Global Data Synchronization Network.
ECP more than holds its own as a platform when syndication is concerned. Dual syndication means that digital assets and product information are automatically pulled from suppliers’ catalogs to instantly enhance all relevant product listings.

Best for: Busy teams looking to benefit from the productivity and accuracy of automated product updates via syndication.

Ultimately the “perfect” content management platform is the one that “perfectly” meets the unique needs of your business. Your selection process will be a personalized experience – and when it comes to mapping the individual requirements of your operation onto a solution, no one is better placed than your team.

Once you have a handle on the factors that will drive PIM and DAM success for your operation, Effectus Content Platform would welcome the opportunity to explore the suitability of our platform, to help you meet – and exceed – all goals.

How does ECP digital experience software measure up to your requirements?