Salsify vs Effectus Content Platform

On the hunt for the ultimate digital content experience platform?

Ultimately, of course, amongst the many options on the market, there’s no one “best software.” But when it comes to your selection, you can certainly strive for “best fit” – the platform that ticks the right boxes for your own unique circumstances.

With this in mind, we’ve produced a quick comparison chart to help you weigh up your options when it comes to Salsify and Effectus Content Platform.

Consider the factors that are going to be most important when it comes to driving success within your business. We hope that this side-by-side presentation will help to bring clarity on the key elements that you’ll want to consider when picking your perfect platform.

As ever, we’re ready and waiting to take any other questions that you might have – just get in touch.

Salsify Effectus Content Platform
Ease Of Use Salsify represents a “one stop shop” for your digital shelf requirements, but the complexity and breadth of this offering can mean a steeper learning curve for teams who will need to get up to speed with a wide array of functionality.

Better For: Teams with time to invest into mastering a complex new platform.
Effectus offers a “plug and play” solution – powerful and intuitive right out of the box. If you’re looking for a platform that you can get up and running with quickly, then the learning curve and speed to impact are both likely to work well for a team chasing quick results.

Best for: Teams looking for an accessible solution that helps enable instant impact.
Pricing Salsify’s pricing increases on a “per user” basis, meaning it becomes increasingly expensive as additional team members are given individual access.
Salsify calculates costing based on data storage. For example - if a client had 10 data points for 1 SKU, pricing would reflect those 10 data points. If you’re dealing with a high number of data points, then this is worth remembering.
With regard to any additional expenses, please refer to the Onboarding Experience section below.

Better For: Teams with fewer members. Teams which don’t require the autonomy of individual user accounts. Teams with SKUs that contain few data points.
ECP sets up user accounts (with individualized access) at no additional cost – add as many team members as you wish – the number of users does not impact ECP’s pricing.
When it comes to data storage, ECP bases pricing on SKU count. To use the same example, if a client had 10 data points tied to one SKU, ECP would calculate pricing based on that single SKU, bringing down the cost.

Best for: Teams looking to benefit from the productivity and insight enabled by individual access. Larger teams. Teams with SKUs that contain a high number of data points.
Support / Training Salsify offers a knowledge base and training center. Email support is also available with a promoted response time of one business day.

Better For: Teams happy to be proactive about finding solutions.
ECP assigns a dedicated account manager to each client, who checks in with the client on a recurring basis and is available to offer 24/7 technical support.

Best for: Teams who would appreciate a reliable 1-2-1 support relationship and success management.
Onboarding Experience Salsify requires a 3rd party to onboard their platform. It should be noted that this additional expense (which can be as much as ~$20k) is not included in their pricing.

Better For: Teams happy to work with a 3rd party onboarding partner, provided by Salsify at additional cost.
ECP handles the onboarding process in-house with complete transparency. An internal onboarding team is assigned to each client, and upfront onboarding costs are discussed upon initial discovery.

Best for: Teams keen to factor in onboarding costs from an early stage and keep the process streamlined.
Clientele Typically, Salsify caters towards bigger businesses. A higher price point and economies of scale mean that its offering is likely to suit larger enterprises with a high turnover.

Better For: Big business.
ECP has worked tirelessly to create a digital content experience platform that offers real value and accessible opportunity for enterprises of all sizes and budgets. There’s no one typical customer, and our team is experienced in helping a diverse range of businesses to get the most out of our powerful platform.

Best For: Any business looking to improve their digital shelf experience.

We’ll say it again – the best content management platform is the one that suits the individual needs of your business. When it comes to selection, every business is unique, and it’s essential to pin down the main factors that will influence your choice and have the most powerful impact upon your ongoing success.

We hope that this article has helped to frame two popular platforms for careful consideration – and would welcome the opportunity to explore the demands, stresses and individual needs of your own enterprise.

How does ECP digital experience software measure up to your requirements?