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The expectations of customers are always rising. Within the consumer goods industry, there’s a distinct need for continuous improvement & development of process. In order to preserve an edge, brands, retailers and distributors alike need to push beyond simply maintaining standards – they need to be advanced and improved.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways that the digital content experience platform by Effectus helps you to keep ahead of the curve – and competition.

1. Improved Sales

Product pages are the cornerstone of all ecommerce customer journeys. Fail to meet expectations or needs when it comes to your product listings, and you’ll undermine the positive customer experience you work so hard to create.

By the time a customer has navigated to a specific product page, they’re displaying strong purchase intent. Every effort must be made to enable a seamless decision and conversion. Don’t risk frustration or loss of momentum by painting an uninspiring and incomplete picture of your products.

As a digital content experience platform, Effectus Content Platform gives you all the tools you need to ensure that product pages are perfectly optimized for conversion – complete, informative, engaging and highly conducive to bringing a sale safely across the line. Offering world-class PIM and DAM functionality, sharpened by the insight of AI, you can rest assured that each and every sale is being fully supported.

Effectus Content Platform has helped companies grow their digital sales by as much as 130%

2. Enhanced Team Productivity

Product lines are in a constant state of evolution, and the management of your listings can rapidly become an overwhelming (and never ending) task! As sales channels continue to increase and expand, these issues are only set to increase. Your team needs a reliable aid to productivity, to ensure their time is optimized and take on some of the “heavy lifting” that impedes their progress.

Effectus Content Platform’s innovative product content scoring system gives instant insight into the pages which are falling below the acceptable threshold with regard to information and digital assets, clearly flagging the areas which require further work, and saving your team from the trouble of investigating themselves.

These AI-powered recommendations provide clear “next best step” actions, to each and every team member, formulating the most efficient and effective plan of action when it comes to managing your product information and digital assets.

Finally, save hours of your team’s time with a smoother, streamlined onboarding process – automated workflows, most cost efficiency and a reduced margin of error.

Effectus Content Platform helped one business achieve time savings of 1,150+ hours per month, with another achieving Year 1 savings of $154k by streamlining item onboarding

3. Closer Channel Relationships

Channel partnerships are an important part of the retail landscape, but they can be difficult to maintain, especially at scale. In order to preserve great relationships and an efficient, mutually beneficial mode of collaboration, leaning on a digital content experience platform such as Effectus Content Platform can provide a significant and sustained level of improvement. 

Dual syndication of content enables product information and assets to be imported directly from supplier catalogs. It can then be exported to digital marketplaces with ease and complete accuracy. As well as enabling easier communication and collaboration, this guards against the degradation of shared content, resulting in more appealing and well-populated product listings, benefiting all parties involved. 

Effectus Content Platform helped bring businesses into closer contact with channel partners by increasing digital adoption by 42% for traditional brick and mortar customers

4. Better Brand Control

In a crowded marketplace, brand consistency is of paramount importance. Care should be taken to ensure the preservation of brand control, and this is increasingly apparent as brands start to sell across a wider range of diverse sales channels. Customers expect a cohesive brand experience, and as omnichannel booms, these expectations can be met with the aid of a digital content experience platform.

The Effectus Content Platform enables teams to work together quickly and effectively, with simple management flows aiding the efficient control of metadata, content attributes, product rules and channels. Improved taxonomy helps aid better product ownership, and multiple user access lets your team collaborate consistently across all channels.

Effectus Content Platform has helped increase average digital content quality scores (from 64% to 91%) and average digital customer rating (from 3.4 to 4.7) 

5. Digital Transformation

The fourth industrial revolution is well underway, and businesses across all verticals are continuing to move towards total digital transformation. For brands, retailers and distributors, a content experience platform can unlock unparalleled progress here, bringing manual tasks online, facilitating much more impactful collaboration and streamlining multiple processes linked to PIM and DAM. Effectus Content Platform allows you to achieve all of these benefits from one simple, intuitive hub.

Effectus Content Platform has reduced time to digital market by as much as 173%

The Consumer Goods Industry: Future Proof Your Path

As demand rises and channels multiply, the challenges faced within the consumer goods industry are only set to grow and compound. As a result, it’s never been more important to empower your team to meet rising expectations and expanding product lines.

Effectus Content Platform can play a key role in implementing and achieving these critical improvements – bringing better sales, team productivity, tighter brand control and so much more to your everyday workflows.

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