Today, omnichannel retail is a well-established industry norm. Alongside all of the conversion-boosting benefits that this selling structure enables, there’s a growing need for exemplary digital asset management.

The enrichment of customer experience via a wide range of digital media is increasingly essential for success within today’s online retail space. This growing dependency on digital assets needs to be proactively met with tools and processes that are up to the challenge. As a result, a digital asset management solution is pivotal to any modern ecommerce stack.

Beyond selecting the right digital asset management platform, it’s important for brands, retailers and distributors to know how to leverage these tools to the very best effect. In this article, we’ll explore five ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your digital asset management efforts.

1. Lean In On Automation

As online retail booms, product lines expand and customer expectations soar, there’s never been more pressure on teams to manage a steady stream of accurate, informative and engaging digital assets in support of product listings.

The scale associated with modern digital asset management has reached a point where a manual approach is untenable. Automation presents a much-needed solution to the issue of sheer volume that many teams find themselves facing.

The solution? Work with a digital asset management platform that can integrate with your wider stack to enable real-time updates, freeing your team and removing any margin for human error.

How ECP’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) Helps

By seamlessly merging with an integrated information management (PIM) solution, the Effectus Content Platform keeps all content synced, easily accessed and effortlessly updated – across any number of channels.

2. Think in Terms Of “Process” Not “Platform”

A great DAM system is about more than digital asset management, it represents a real opportunity to streamline your existing workflows. Think of your digital asset management system software in terms of “process” not “platform” -– offering a way to make your team more efficient, and reducing needless repetition of work.

By corralling digital assets into one well-ordered, centralized hub that can distribute to a variety of channels, the best DAM platforms will optimize your team’s time and productivity.

How ECP’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) Helps

The Effectus Content Platform can be configured to meet each partner’s unique needs regarding workflow and existing stack. The system has been designed from the ground up to enable better workflow management, and our dedicated team will work with you to ensure you’re seeing the maximum benefit to your team’s everyday experience and productivity.

3. Seek Syndication

When you’re evaluating the best digital asset management tool for your unique situation, consider the additional efficiency that syndication can bring to your process. Syndication offers the ability to seamlessly pull information and assets from suppliers’ catalogs, offering instant access to a rich source of accurate, listing-enhancing product data.

To improve your digital asset management, seek a DAM solution that enables easy import and export functionality and make the best use of this. Syndication should be bi-directional – upstream from suppliers and also downstream to digital marketplaces.

How ECP’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) Helps

Connectors and supplier integration are integral components of the Effectus Content Platform. Simply identify your top suppliers and our team takes it from there, working directly with the supplier on the technological integration (PIM, DAM, ERP, etc.) to our platform, to ensure that their full catalog is available and accessible.

4. Consider Brand Control

Brand is about so much more than color palettes and logos – it’s about showing up in a consistent fashion, no matter where a customer interaction occurs so that trust and familiarity can be fully established. Because of this, top notch brand control is an absolute cornerstone of any successful omnichannel strategy.

Leveraging a digital asset management platform provides the opportunity for better brand control and consistency. Be sure to keep this front of mind as you adopt a new system.

How ECP’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) Helps

When consistency of brand experience is the end goal, the Effectus Content Platform delivers on all fronts, with automated, syndicated delivery of content across multiple channels. Multiple user access means that teams can work collaboratively, whilst enjoying the guarantee of consistent content, across all channels, at all times.

5. Don’t Lose Sight Of The Consumer

When working with a DAM solution, it’s important to keep the end goal and purpose in sight. Yes, better digital asset management is excellent for your own internal efficiency and workflows, but ultimately this is about delivering the richest and most complete experience to the consumer.

Digital management asset software gives you the power to exert greater control over the content that you distribute to support each selling channel, and this means that you can serve a wider audience with more personalization and accuracy. You can scale (new locations, channels, touch points) but still retain that sense of relevance.

How ECP’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) Helps

The Effectus Content Platform offers a truly 360-degree solution – combining PIM, DAM and many other elements of process (such as BI functionality) into one intuitive tool, which all adds up to a better consumer experience, and by extension, better conversion.

Ready To Get The Most Out Of Your DAM Platform?

It’s never been more important to have a good handle on your digital asset management. When it comes to delivering the media-rich and consistent omnichannel experience the modern consumer has come to expect, working with digital asset management system software that can help you optimize your workflows and brand control is essential.

The Effectus Content Platform represents a leading DAM solution and so much more. By acting as an “all in one” platform offering a true end to end solution, consumer experience is kept at the heart of things while simultaneously giving your team better outcomes and a more streamlined workflow.

Take control of your Digital Asset Management