3 Ways Rich Product Content Helps Power Your Omnichannel Strategy

Looking to perfect your approach to omnichannel? Perfect your choice of digital experience management software, and you’ll be halfway to success.

Today’s customer inhabits an increasingly interconnected world. Online and offline, channels of communication and commerce overlap to create brand experiences that are the product of multiple touchpoints. In response, businesses are proactively adopting omnichannel strategies – and enjoying the multitude of benefits that this joined-up approach brings.

From improved customer lifetime value to opportunities for enhanced personalization,  omnichannel commerce provides a more coherent experience for the customer – drawing individual interactions together to form a pathway to purchase that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

As technology facilitates the creation of evermore sophisticated omnichannel experiences, customer expectations are rising in line with these advancements. Adding depth, context and consistency to omnichannel strategies, product content plays an important role in meeting these expectations. 

This article will examine three ways in which rich product content can help power your omnichannel experience.

1. A Stronger Brand Through Consistent Content

An omnichannel strategy lives or dies by its cohesion – if experiences across channels are dissimilar, the desired effect of a seamless customer journey is thrown off course. This has an inevitable impact on the impression that a brand can make. 

Within the realm of commerce, product content is the gateway to achieving essential consistency across channels. By ensuring that the content supporting products is telling the same story, creating the same impression and striving to achieve similar outcomes, a much stronger sense of brand can be communicated.  

Syndication of content can help to ensure that customer experience flows coherently between interactions, supported by a balance of education and inspirational information. Working with a digital content experience platform such as the Effectus Content Platform helps to ensure that all channels can be kept effortlessly aligned through automatic syndication, helping to optimize the omnichannel effect.

2. Better Depth Of Experience

When we refer to omnichannel, it’s important to remember that we’re talking about an experience that travels “across” rather than “within” channels. A brand or product story told across a wider range of channels and points of interaction has the opportunity to be more nuanced and contextual. Although consistency is desirable (for example, avoiding a mix of old and new product photography) a “one size fits all” approach to channels may not be the most effective strategy when it comes to omnichannel selling.

Product content that is provided in a wider variety of formats (reviews, video content, UGC, etc.) gives brands the opportunity to deliver the omnichannel experience with a great deal more finesse – extending the way in which products can be introduced and presented in relation to the medium in which they are experienced.

A wider range of product content can pose problems, either proving difficult to obtain from its originating source, or proving difficult to distribute with consistency across multiple channels. By enabling better control of content, and allowing instant access to a wide range of assets, digital experience management software can help to alleviate these issues. The Effectus Content Platform, for example, provides dual syndication, enabling retailers and distributors to seamlessly import content directly from supplier catalogs and export to digital marketplaces.

3. Personalization Of Journey And Relevancy Of Content

One of the great benefits of the omnichannel experience is the ability to curate a personalized pathway through the retail journey. Customers should feel as though each interaction is part of a logical progression, adding another layer to their understanding of a product, gradually building familiarity and recognition over time. 

Rich product content helps immensely in delivering this, as content that’s likely to appeal to the individual can be delivered at the most relevant points in their journey. By breaking out of a siloed approach to data, content can be delivered in a way that’s more contextually appropriate, leading to better conversion outcomes.

Master Your Omnichannel Strategy With Effectus

An omnichannel approach is all but essential in today’s modern commerce arena. B2C and B2B customer expectations have permanently shifted and when it comes to consistent, progessive and personalized experiences, brands and retailers alike need to be on their top game with exemplary product content curation. 

ECP’s digital content experience platform helps to achieve this process, optimizing the distribution of efficiently collected and effectively leveraged content across any number of channels. Uncover and action opportunities with AI-powered suggestions, effortlessly import from supplier catalogs and export to digital marketplaces via dual syndication, and ensure consistent output across all channels, with end-to-end visibility and scoring of digital product content quality.

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